Friday, November 20, 2009

Zombies and wizards dominate my oddball video roundup

I've been shooting a lot of video for the Alligator recently and several of the videos have been on pretty oddball subjects.

Here are two of my recent ones on UF quidditch and a zombie invasion.

Wednesday I ventured out to the UF quidditch club's practice. The team sport invented by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter universe is actually catching on around the country at college campuses. While they still don't have many of the things to make it look like the real deal(brooms for instance), they're trying to get things together. At the scrimmage I covered, they played without brooms, and used one hand to simulate holding a broom. They also only had one goal at each end, instead of the usual three, so goaltending was a bit easier.

A few weeks ago, UF's Theatre Strike Force improv group improvised a zombie invasion in honor of UF's zombie awareness plan(Which I suggest reading if you've never seen it.). The group chased a member acting as a surviving human student across UF, from the Reitz Union to Library West. It was a pretty entertaining way for them to promote a new show. It even prompted a student working at the Hub information booth to defend it with a toy lightsaber without knowing what was going on. His interview was 3 minutes of intense zombie discussion, but only the most relevant bit made it into the final video.


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